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Listowel, Ontario
1862 to 1921

From History of Perth County 1825-1902
by William Johnston, published in 1903

Listowel Anglican The Anglican congregation in Listowel was founded in 1862 by Rev. Canon Newman, and a small frame church was erected in 1863 on the south side of Main street.   Messrs. George Draper, William Gibson, W. T. Waugh, J. A. Halstead, and William Keever, with a few others, were its promoters.   The first vestry meeting of which there is any record was held in April, 1867, when their old church was removed to where the present building now stands, and which was subsequently destroyed by fire.   From its ashes arose the present beautiful structure, erected at a cost of $10,000.   In a town containing so many fine buildings, this church is also creditable to the liberality and public spirit of the Anglican body.   The edifice is of stone, and in Old English style of architecture, with nave, transepts, chancel, vestry, and tower.   Heavy buttresses in the walls, finished with massive copings, give the exterior an imposing appearance.   Its interior arrangements, with their elaborate and ornate decorations, are beautiful and impressive.   A handsome oak pulpit, with several other adornments, were the gift of Rev. H. W. Jeanes, a former minister.   This minister was not alone in his desire to render as attractive as possible the altar at which he worshipped, his example being followed by Mrs. H. B. Morphy and other citizens, whose taste and liberality are displayed in gifts of costly and beautiful materials for adornment appropriate to the house of God.   The roll of this congregation now contains the names of 200 communicants, and as many adherents.   There is also a Sabbath school, with an average attendance of about 200 pupils, under the superintendence of Mr. A. St. George Hawkins.