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From History of Perth County 1825-1902
by William Johnston, published in 1903

Before leaving this part of our history of Listowel, it is proper to state as an indication of the social condition of the people that the professions are fully represented.   In the medical department are Dr. S. T. Rutherford, Dr. John Philip, Dr. Albert Nichol, Dr J. Thompson, and Dr. Dingman.   The law firms are Morphy & Carthew, Blewitt & Bray, Mr. T. C. Hamilton, and Mr. J. E. Terbune.   Listowel has practising dentists - Dr. William Bruce, Dr. A. McDowall, and Dr J. J. Foster.   Financial institutions are represented by the Bank of Hamilton, Imperial Bank, and the private bank of J. W. Scott. (See biographical sketch of John Waldron Scott)

Listowel has two weekly papers, whose efforts have done much to advance the material interests of those amongst whom they circulate.   The Banner was founded in 1866 by Thomas E. Hay and J. H. Hacking, and was first issued as a four-page sheet, 18 x 24.   This paper has been a consistent advocate of Reform principles since its inception, giving its support on all occasions to those measures it considered calculated to serve the best interests of the country.   Mr. William Climie is now proprietor and publisher, issuing an eight-page sheet. 17 x 22.

In 1871 was issued the Standard, as a four-page paper, by Mr. A. St. George Hawkins and W. L. Kells as publishers and proprietors.   At the end of two years Mr. Kells retired, Mr. Hawkins assuming full control.   The Standard is issued as a Conservative party organ.   Its publisher, while he is not tinctured with fossil Toryism, believes that political innovation should not be experimental, but rather supplemental to the people's wants.   At the end of 31 years the Standard has grown to an eight-page paper, and is still in the hands of Mr. Hawkins, one of its first proprietors.
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