Daniel D. Campbell (b.1832)
Early Settlers
Council Projects

From History of Perth County 1825-1902
by William Johnston, published in 1903

Daniel D. Campbell, Lieut.-Col. and J. P.,of Listowel, was born near Seafell, in Arran's Isle, in 1832.   He was the second son of Dugald and Mary Campbell, of Lochranza, who emigrated to Lower Canada, settling in the township of Inverness.   Mr. Campbell received a fair education, having attended school for several years in the Eastern States.   In 1856 he arrived in Listowel, which at that period was a hamlet of a few log dwellings.   Here he at once entered into commercial pursuits, erecting the first frame store in the village.   Mr. Campbell's life affords a good illustration of what can be accomplished by perseverance, honesty of purpose, and a kind disposition.   He was the architect of his own fortune, and, what is better far, he was a man whom the citizens of Listowel delighted to honour.   At one period of his life with his mercantile affairs he managed a milling business and a farm, evincing a fine simplicity of character through all.

When Wallace was separated from Logan and Elma for municipal purposes he was appointed returning officer to call the first meeting.   Subsequently for a number of years he served as councillor, and, on Listowel being incorporated, was elected as a member of the council, ultimately being chosen reeve.   He was also mayor of Listowel for several years, and voluntarily resigned that honour.   On this occasion his fellow-citizens recognized his long, faithful services by presenting him on his retirement with a gold-headed cane, gold chain, and seal.   To the quiet and unobtrusive efforts of this man, Mr. D. D. Hay, and a few others, Listowel owes her prosperity.   In education he took a deep interest, using his best efforts in its promotion.   On both school boards, with which he has been connected since their inception, he is an active worker.

During the Fenian raid in 1866 he organized No. 4. company, 28th battalion of volunteers, to defend his country.   This connection with the militia continued until he attained the rank of lieutenant-colonel. See 28th Regiment (Perth Infantry)

In 1874 he was tendered the Conservative nomination for North Perth, but declined.   Mr. Campbell has been a useful citizen, and whether on the magisterial bench, an honour he has long retained, or in whatever sphere of life, public or private, he may have been called on to play his part his conduct has been uniformly that of a good and useful man.