John Waldron Scott (b.1837)
Early Settlers
Council Projects

From History of Perth County 1825-1902
by William Johnston, published in 1903

John Waldron Scott was born in Darlington, Durham County, in 1837.   His father was a native of Edinburgh, Scotland, and on coming to Montreal engaged in the fur trade, ultimately settling in Darlington, where he closed a useful life in 1857.

Mr. Scott received a good education in the public schools and subsequently at Victoria college, when he entered on agricultural pursuits in Darlington, continuing on the farm until 1862.   Meantime a new country had been opened up in this county, and Listowel was fast growing to be a place of importance.   During this year he came to Listowel, and entered into partnership with Mr. Halstead as a general trader, also conducting a grist and saw mill.   This continued only for a few years, however, when a dissolution took place, Mr. Scott remaining in the merchandising vocation with success until 1873.   At this period he retired from that business and established a private bank in Listowel, which he has conducted ever since.

Mr. Scott has managed his affairs with judgment and tact, resulting in success.   He has also been active in discharging those duties our local system of self government demands from public spirited citizens.   He has been elected for many years to the council board, and occupied the mayor's chair for some time with acceptance to the people of Listowel and credit to himself.   In those improvements which have done so much to build up the town he has been an active promoter.   He was an effective advocate of the Stratford & Huron R. R., and was one of its directors.   He is also a director of the British Mortgage Loan Co., of Stratford.   He was the principal promoter of the piano factory, of which he is president, and has contributed of his time and means in support of other institutions which have made his adopted town next to Stratford as a manufacturing centre.   In religion he is a Methodist, and, as will be noted elsewhere, was one of the original organizers of that denomination in Listowel.   In politics he is a Reformer. Mr. Scott is a typical man of business, well informed, and of good intelligence; a useful man, and has well earned his high position in the community as a reward for his integrity and enterprise.
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