William H. Hacking (b.1810)
Early Settlers
Council Projects
  Founding of
Listowel Ontario

From History of Perth County 1825-1902
by William Johnston, published in 1903

William H. Hacking was a pioneer of Listowel, and was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1810.   His father was a Congregational minister, who emigrated to Canada with his family, settling in Whitchurch, County of York, where he took up land.   Subsequent to Mr. Hacking's leaving his home he resided five years in Guelph, and came to Listowel at an early day.   He opened the pioneer store, and was appointed first postmaster.

From Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Perth Ont.
published in 1879 by H. Belden & Co.

The first promise of the "future greatness" of this town commercially was recorded in October 1855, when William H. Hacking, now Postmaster, arrived and purchased an acre of land from John Tremain, where the post office is now located.   The price paid for this acre was $100 which so influenced the imagination and enlarged the expectancy of the landholders in the locality - who appeared to consider this purchase the shadow of the "coming event" - that they set a value upon their land which circumstances scarcely warrented.   Mr. Hacking at once commenced the erection of a store and dwelling of logs, and at the "raising" thereof the people who had gathered to assist voted that henceforth the place should be called Mapleton.   Soon after Mr Hacking opened the pioneer store of the town.